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Dropside Flat Bodies

Dropside Flat Bodies
We build a number of Dropside Flat Bodies at Bulkrite. These can be built in a whole host of different shapes and sizes. They can range from small 3.5T bodies on Transit style chassis’ to 32T gross 8x4 chassis, or even 44T tri-axle trailer chassis’.
Options on the variety of body are endless. It all depends on the specification of the end user and their requirements. Floors can be made from a variety of materials and thicknesses – aluminium sheet, aluminium plank, steel sheet, hardwood half-lap plank or wooden composite board. Sideboards can either be pressed alumiunium or steel, or plank aluminium. Sideboards can be made to any height the customer requires.
Platform/ Beavertail Bodies/Platform Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 3.5T to 32T Gross vehicles.
The underframes can be constructed of weight saving aluminium or galvanized steel sections.
Floors are constructed from either hardwood half-lap timber boards, phenol-faced composite board or aluminium plank.
Additional options include aluminium or steel side rails, aluminium or steel rear wings, side and rear marker light configurations.