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Livestock Containers

Livestock Containers
Having built Livestock Containers at Thorne Works for over 50 years we feel we have the required know-how to construct some of the best containers around. We build 2 different styles of Container.
The first is built in a traditional style. This style (barring a few minor alterations) has continued from the J.H.Thorne days. The container sides are constructed using flat Aluminium sheets, welsh lady pillars and huckbolt fixings. The Decks are constructed from 3/16” (4.76mm) aluminium treadplate and can be folding or sliding design. The roofs are built using a 1 piece extruded toprail section, top hats and Aluminium roof coil sheeting. The majority of our floors and ramps are made from 3/16” (4.76mm) Aluminium treadplate, but with most aspects of our bodies, the final choice is down to the customer.
The second style of container is built in a more modern looking style. It is constructed using pressed Aluminium sections with pillars at 8-10’ intervals. The pressed sections are strengthened and welded on the inside, and bolted together – creating a smooth sided appearance. The pressings give the sides the strength required to be some of the strongest containers on the market. The roof of a pressed container is constructed in a different way to our traditional boxes. These are pressed into 4’ sections and bolted to an ultra strong top rail.
All ironwork is galvanized where possible. Ironwork that can’t be galvanized is primed and top coated to ensure that rusting and deterioration is kept to a minimum.